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Most coffee cherries contain two coffee beans nestled face to face. That’s why coffee beans are flat on one side. But, about 3-5% of coffee cherries hold just one small oval-shaped bean instead of two flat-sided beans. These small oval beans are called “peaberry” beans. Peaberry kona coffee is rare simply because nature makes it so. Out of every 100 bags of Kona coffee, only 3-5 bags will be Peaberry.

Peaberry beans roast up wonderfully. Full bodied and smooth, with just a hint of bite. Connoisseurs have dubbed Peaberry the “Champagne of Kona.” As more coffee lovers discover this unique little bean with the big sassy taste, demand for peaberry is growing. Demand for peaberry is so high that we often have to purchase unroasted Peaberries from smaller farmers that don’t sell to the public. Even then we sometimes run out. Enjoy this decadent little bean that natures makes so rare.

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Medium Roast
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91 Reviews

  • 4
    Peaberry med roast

    Published by Don Whalen on Apr 13th 2024

    I go back and forth between the med and dark roast. While I like the dark the best, the med is a alternative, and let's face it, peaberry is the best.

  • 5
    Peaberry Medium Roast

    Published by Robert on Mar 22nd 2024

    Peaberry and Jura S8. Best combination in the world.

  • 4
    it's good but I prefer the dark roast

    Published by Michael Mayer on Feb 8th 2024

    I am sad and disappointed that I have found a coffee that I really like but your delivery of the dark roast is not reliable. A couple days after this email, I got another email noting that my subscription order was cancelled because the Peaberry dark roast was out of stock, AGAIN. I am considering to cancel my subscription and find a different vendor. It's a sad state of affairs!

  • 5
    100% KONA Peaberry Medium Roast

    Published by David H on Feb 3rd 2024

    Frankly, the best coffee my wife and I have had. Highly recommend to all, but especially those who may have issues with highly acidic coffee. She tolerates this coffee very well.

  • 5
    Smooth and delightful

    Published by Donna Balcaitis on Sep 8th 2023

    Had the pleasure of experiencing Koa coffee, and a recent visit to Kauai. When we got back to Chicago, the Starbucks just wasn’t the same. I ordered the Peaberry and it is absolutely deliciously juicy and smooth. I don’t believe I could go back to regular coffee , although I will have to budget wisely . My husband and I have tried many different roasts of coffee and this by far has been the best.we’ve tried.

  • 5
    Great Experience

    Published by Jeff on May 18th 2023

    Great Coffee great customer service

  • 5
    Peaberry Medium Roast Whole Bean 100% Kona Coffee

    Published by Wendell on Mar 18th 2023

    I'm not a coffee aficionado, but over the years I've learned to appreciate the taste of higher end coffees. Koa Coffee's peaberry is simply wonderful to sip: smooth flavor; delightful; happy happy joy joy! The wonderfulness of it is even more noticeable since I often drink instant coffee during the week and enjoy some fresh brew on the weekends. This peaberry stands head over heels above the whole bean coffees I buy at the local market. Every cup puts a calming smile on my face: "Ahhh." I'll be on the Big Island to visit ohana shortly and will definitely look for the Koa brand and its coffee. Aloha nui!

  • 5
    Gotta get the grind right

    Published by Reina on Jan 4th 2023

    Once you figure out grind, enjoy a cup of full and smooth liquid comfort. Cost (including shipping) is only hindrance to getting this regularly but that may be a good thing. It’ll be my new way of celebrating the Christmas season. May splurge on birthday as well.

  • 5
    Happy Hubby!

    Published by Melissa Johnson on Dec 30th 2022

    My husband used to live in Hawaii and loved Kona coffee. We live in Georgia so there’s no real Kona coffee here. I ordered him the medium and dark roast Peaberry for Christmas and the look on his face when he opened that box was priceless! I believe it was his favorite gift over some very nice and expensive gifts that I bought him! It had been 12yrs since he had a cup of Kona and he couldn’t stop talking about it and telling me more Hawaii stories as he fixed his coffee and drank it. He started with the bag of medium roast and is loving it! I’m not a coffee drinker but I tried it and it’s very good. Very smooth and tasty cup of coffee. He drinks dark roast coffees so I think he is saving the dark roast….best for last maybe. I bought a combo of the two Peaberry so that’s why he has the medium. I will continue to buy him this Kona coffee and try the other dark roasts on the site. He loves it! Happy Hubby!

  • 5
    Peaberry matches the Hype

    Published by R Capshaw on Oct 30th 2022

    I have always enjoyed the Kona Coffee that KOA provides to their customers, and have often thought of splurging to try the Peaberry batch. After researching exactly what a Peaberry was, I waited for a discount opportunity to try the Peaberry. I took advantage of rhe Anniverysary sale, and WOW...what a cup of coffee. The smoothness and richness of the flavor far exceeded the already amazing Kona coffee. I am a convert and will purchasing this as my go to coffee. It matches the hype and is worth a try. World Class, just like the KOA Coffee Company, thank you for the coffee experience!

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