Affiliate Program

Do you have a blog or a social media following, or are you already a PPC affiliate for other merchants? Join our affiliate program (free!) and earn 10%- 20% commission by promoting our Kona Coffee.

3 Great Reasons to Promote Our Kona Coffee

1. POPULARITY: Coffee is the second largest industry in the world, second only to oil. The USA coffee industry alone is over $19 billion per year. Why not sell what sells?

2. QUALITY: This is the Kona Coffee Forbes called "Best In America." Our coffee has won the coveted Gevalia Cupping Competition, PCCA Coffee of the Year and has been featured in Forbes "Top 10 Coffees of the World."

3. SELLER SUPPORT We go the extra mile to offer a level of support you won't easily find elsewhere. For starters, we use a 45 day cookie, which means if you refer a visitor that doesn’t purchase for 6 weeks, you’ll still get paid. Also? We don’t reverse commissions on returns. Firstly, because our returns are almost nil. Secondly, if a customer is unhappy, you made the sale, you earned the commission. How’s that for stellar support!