Subscription FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

I already have a subscription. Where is it?
We are hard at work getting all our customer history moved to our new system. As part of that move we will be setting up new subscriptions for you. When your subscription has been recreated you will receive a welcome message to the subscription program. 

How does shipping work?
Shipping will be charged at the rate then in affect based on the value of your order.

Why doesn't the subscription offer appear on the product I want?
While we offer subscriptions to most of our catalog, there are exceptions. To improve our subscription experience, we have made an effort to ensure only those products we can ship consistently on time are available for subscription. However, if you have a question, please reach out to our customer service team. We are happy to help!

Can I skip a shipment? How does it work?
It is easy! Just login and visit your account page, and go to the subscription tab. You can change scheduled dates for your upcoming orders there. If you change the date of your next order, the subscription will continue on its regular cycle after that next order ships. So if you are getting coffee monthly and delay your next order by 3 weeks, you will receive your subsequent order one month after your next shipment occurs.

Can I get my shipment sooner? How does it work?
If you need your coffee sooner, that is easy too! You can schedule your next delivery sooner, or even ask that it get sent right away. Just visit your subscription management page in your account.

I need to update my payment information. How do I do that?
You can manage your payment information directly by logging into your account (small person icon at the top of the page on the site) and clicking the Payment Methods tab. You will be able to change your payment method there, or delete any payment options you want to remove. Please note that we don't actually store your credit card. We store a secure identity token which is used to authorize your payment, but the data is not actually retained in our system, and no one on our team (including customer service) is able to see your card information.

Can I change my subscription frequency?
You can change your frequency for any subscription by visiting your subscription management page in your account.

What if I see a better deal or a promotion I want to take advantage of?
Our new subscription program is set to give subscribers our best discount on renewals. That said, you can easily add an item to an updated subscription shipment as a one time item if you want to take advantage of a sale, or you can ship right away and delay your next subscription order if you wish.